Practice Testing

Our online practice testing center can be a great addition to your class, allowing students to test at their convenience.
The test center grades students and keeps  records for you.

online testing resource for CFIs teaching ground school

CFI Toolbox Online Student Testing Center

$7 per password, per 6 month period.

Available only to CFI’s using CFI Toolbox presentations.

Practice test questions are included for each course

  • Every chapter has a full complement of test questions with answer keys.
  • Test questions can be cross referenced to discussions in the Gleim Test Guides.
  • Two final tests are included.
  • Tests are in “Word” and PDF, and printable for handouts.
  • Questions can be copied and pasted to create custom tests.
  • Test questions can be copied and pasted into slides you can add to your presentation.
Buy Now

Email or phone contact by the instructor is required for initial start of your test center  815-943-8785

The instructor purchases the passwords and controls student accounts.

Purchase 12 or more passwords over any time period with no minimum qty per order and receive a FREE Pro-Grade update disc.

Our kits contain a large quantity of practice tests that can be printed and given.  Also, Gleim test guides have plenty of practice tests to prepare your students.

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